Our Services & traning programs

From inception to maintenance, we provide a full range of services to guide your software project through every stage.



During the conception phase, we commit ourselves to an in-depth exploration of your business domain and activities. This thorough understanding empowers us to provide precise and strategic guidance, embracing a holistic approach that considers every facet of your unique operations. Our dedicated team seeks to align your software project's objectives with your overarching business goals, ensuring a seamless integration that maximizes value and efficiency.



During the development phase, we organize regular check-ins to keep you informed and engaged throughout the project's evolution. We present product demonstrations that showcase the progress made, inviting your feedback and insights. This iterative approach facilitates open discussions about any challenges that may surface during the process, allowing us to collaboratively explore solutions and ensure alignment with your vision.



During the maintenance phase, our team remains committed to resolving any bug that may arise and we actively engage with any user feedback that you may receive. This proactive approach enables us to swiftly address concerns and implement necessary adjustments, ensuring the continued seamless operation of your software or website. Our commitment extends to providing insightful guidance, ensuring a smooth user experience that evolves with your audience's needs.

More about our expertise 

Personalized Training Programs

All our training programs are entirely tailored to your needs and provided one-on-one in visio-conference (or on-site if needed). During the first meeting we'll discuss your objectives and craft a plan together that we can execute quickly so that we can get you up and ready in no time!

Starting from 100€ HT

Angular Training

Create an app from scratch, using Angular CLI and Angular Materials. Go deep on concepts like Directives, Signals, Module vs Standalone, Pipes and Services...

Rust Training

Understand the Borrow Checker, lifetimes and other specificities of the language. Learn more about Traits, Macros, Enums, Error management and more.

Kubernetes Training

Learn about Pods, Services, Ingresses, Persistent Volumes etc. Create Helm charts to deploy your application and more.

No-Code Training

Learn how to automate time consuming, low value, tasks for your business with various tools. Finally get away from Excel and boost your activity!

Adobe Creative Cloud Training

Whether you'd like to learn the basics of Photoshop, design a logo in Illustrator or create high fidelity UX/UI designs in XD, when can help you!

Other training

We can teach many other languages, frameworks and technologies, such as JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Docker, Node.JS... So don't hesitate to contact us for your specific need.