Meet the "team"

As a solopreneur, I've fostered collaborations with a network of exceptionally skilled friends. Together, we ensure that you receive the best of expertise in every domain required for your project.

Rémi Tod

I studied design for 6 years, spending most of my time tinkering with computers, creating sound, still images, moving images, websites and programs. I then started my career as web designer and web developer in digital communication agencies for a couple of years, making pretty things load fast, before moving to the industrial field, where I made highly technical and less pretty things, but super useful and usable applications mainly in the field of hydraulic energy, for 5 years. Along the way I developed my practice as a freelancer and built quite a few good relationships with very interesting clients. Which led me to kind of “officially open shop” with my brand-new company T3R4 Conseil, with the idea of offering my services to more people, with no intermediary.

10+ years